DreamPi 1.8 DLE Released!

A new version of DreamPi DLE has been released! This update is mainly in preparation for the upcoming revival of the Capcom KDDI games and Daytona USA and will be required to play these games online once servers for them go live. In addition, support for NetLink & XBAND games has been added as well as some other new features and quality-of-life improvements. See the full changelog below.

  • Added tunneling software by SEGA RPG FAN which allows support for both Capcom’s KDDI games as well as Sega Saturn NetLink games and XBAND games. More details here.
  • Added IP fix by Shuouma which will be required for playing Daytona USA online.
  • Added Shuouma’s dcgmail installer to the root which removes step 1 from the setup process.
  • Added “BBA Mode” software by Scrivani which allows you to use your Pi as a Wi-Fi bridge for the BBA and show up on Dreamcast Now. This is disabled by default but can be enabled by using the ./bba_mode.sh command after logging in on the Pi. More details here.
  • Added a backup DNS server in case the main one goes down.
  • Wi-Fi is now enabled by default which allows for headless Wi-Fi setup.

Huge thanks to SEGA RPG FAN, Shuouma, and Scrivani for their contributions and of course to Kazade for developing DreamPi in the first place! Be sure to get your Pi updated before the new games go online so you’ll be ready to go! You can grab the new image from the Downloads page. If you need instructions on how to flash the new image to your Pi’s SD card, have a look at the video tutorial here.

Update (7/18/2023): After reports of the original image not working on Raspberry Pi 4, I’ve reverted back to using Raspbian “Stretch” and released a separate image specifically for the Pi 4. Both images are now available on the downloads page.

Update (7/22/2023): The image uploaded on the 18th was missing some updates related to KDDI / NetLink / XBAND functionality. A new version has been uploaded so please re-download and update if you flashed that image.


  1. For the first time in over a year, the only Pi vendor in my state recieved a stock update. Needless to say I picked up a ZeroW, 3A+, and 4B. I passed on the 5, but that’s a future-me problem.

    Installation of 1.8 DLE was easy. Unboxing, image download and write, and connection to Dreampipe website was complete in under an hour. During gamenight, tweaking DMZ settings consumed about 2 hours (and the patience of my peers). In the end, the solution for my Netgear router involved DMZ declaration and disabling SIP ALG.

    One “small-requests-are-never-small” request: Can Kazade update the Github repository with the latest code? I’m working on my rockchip project (search “rockpis” on Dreamcast-talk). I have witnessed another individual attempting their own custom linux build. A third was trying to roll it in to the “RetroNAS” all-encompasing network service environment.

  2. I wonder if there is a test version of 1.8 for the rpi4 like how there was for 1.7. I tried 1.8 with the rpi4 and it does not work.

      • 1.8-DLE-Buster on rpi4 has no display for me. The modem does not initialize either (neither green light is illuminated) and does not answer when the Dreamcast calls. 1.7 DLE does not work either, but the 1.7-DLE-Pi4 test release works flawlessly.

        • I’ve just uploaded a separate image that should be compatible with the Pi 4. It’s based on the previous Pi 4-compatible image with the updates added on top of it so it should work. 🙂

          • I just tested all my online Dreamcast games (Daytona Included) with the updated Dreampi Image and they all connect. This new update is the best thing since sliced bread!

  3. also is there an sd card size limit on the dreampi device mines that you sold me originally came with a transcend micro sd card can i replace it for a bigger storage sd card instead reason being i’ve got a spare 32gb micro sd card the old transcend isn’t working

    • 4GB is minimum. I’ve never sold a kit with a card smaller than that so you should be fine. Just make sure you write the image to the drive labeled “boot”.

    • PC
      What are KDDI games? Also..are those games a ways off from going live? anyway…super happy and excited about daytona! Thank you for all involved!!

      • The guy (or guys) that are working on those games have hit a roadblock last I read. Essentially they are the majority of fighting games from Capcom that only had matchmaking in the Jap versions

        I’m personally curious if by extension the Ps2 version of CvSNK 2 could also be bought back online as that would potentially allow for cross play between systems. Would be cool to try that out!

  4. hey Pcwzrd13 i’m currently on the old dreampi firmware 1.7 i currently purchase a new japanese sega dreamcast R7 console so i had to setup my dreampi once again i managed to get my old dreampi setup that i purchased from you years ago online & even made an Gravatar account back then but now i can’t get my dreampi IP to be detected whenever i visit dreamcast.online/now either automatically or manually when i try to enter my dreampi ip address so i can be visible dreamcast now any help and or assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated

  5. What is headless wi-fi by default? Can I jack in hardwired and uses that? Just my secondary setup needs wi-fi

      • NICE quick test into PSO was two tries I guess with the microSD not all the way (it was boocrap to remove) the modem+LVI would stay one light, last version it used to take the whole minute for green light to dial n now seemed more less a quarter of a minute like v1.6!!

  6. Just updated mine successfully. Super easy as always.

    Cannot wait for Daytona, I’ve been logging in the hours.

  7. Wow great work everyone involved!. just to confirm Daytona etc will not work without this update?. I’ll do it tonight 😁

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