Welcome to Dreamcast Live!

Greetings everyone and welcome to the brand new Dreamcast Live! I started the site in 2011 as a competitions website with the goal of allowing Dreamcast fans around the world to play Dreamcast together without having to go through the hassle of setting up a complicated PC-DC server or buying an expensive broadband adapter. A lot has changed in five years with the process of getting online becoming much easier, especially with the recent release of the amazing DreamPi software by Luke Benstead. The goal of DreamPi is to allow just about anyone to get online with very little technical know-how. Luke’s work has been amazing in allowing many more people to experience online multiplayer on their Dreamcast just like it was 1999. This inspired me to completely reboot Dreamcast Live and focus completely on the online aspect. The offline competitions have been a blast but keeping up with it has been very difficult, especially considering most of my spare time is spent on my YouTube channel. The interest in the competitions also diminished over time, making it hard to justify continuing them. I may host more offline competitions in the future but in a much more casual fashion, sans the achievements and rankings. You can also bet there will be online competitions in the future.

The goal of the new Dreamcast Live is to become the premier website for anyone who plays Dreamcast online. You’ll find everything from a connection guide, a regular game schedule, PSO rankings, and much more. In addition, you’ll soon be able to check who’s online via the Dreamcast Now service right on Dreamcast Live. I really hope you like what I’ve done with the place and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

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