Upcoming Giveaway: It’s Gonna Be Big!

I have both good and bad news regarding the monthly giveaways. I’ll start with the bad news which is that there will be no giveaway for the next three months. I know you’re probably reading this thinking, "This is outrageous, egregious, preposterous!" but before you get all bent out of shape, hear me out on this. There’s a good reason behind this madness. The three-month giveaway hiatus is so I can stretch the giveaway budget for the biggest giveaway yet in April! That’s right, I’m giving away the best prize that’s ever been given away in the almost 3 years I’ve been giving stuff away! How exciting is that?! Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait! In the meantime, feel free to play some online Dreamcast games to pass the time.

Feel free to speculate about what the prize will be in the comments below. 😉

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