Toy Racer Modem Support Coming Soon!

A guy by the name of Jonas Karlsson or shuouma has cracked the Dreamarena authentication required to play Toy Racer via dial-up! This authentication was also used by the PAL version of Quake III Arena. He’s working together with Luke Benstead to re-create the authentication server which means Toy Racer and the PAL version of Quake will soon be playable online for dial-up users! There’s currently no ETA on when this will be finished but a "proof-of-concept" has already been tested, so it shouldn’t be long. If you’re interested in the technical information behind all this, you can check out Luke’s Dreamcast Development Wiki for all the juicy technical details.


  1. So what does that mean at user level? The standard GD disc will now connect the same way it did in the past with no patches or other modifications?

    • Currently the game is only playable with the broadband adapter because connecting via dial-up requires DreamArena authentication. This means that anyone will be able to connect regardless of their connection method. Modem users will just need to set their DNS to Luke’s DreamPi DNS server to connect.

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