The New Dreamcast Live Is Here!

Welcome to the new-and-improved Dreamcast Live website! The old site was built using a fairly restrictive website designer which gave me no access to the actual code or direct access to the server. I wanted more freedom to do what I wanted with the site so I decided to move everything over to my own VPS. Unfortunately this meant essentially re-building the website from the ground up but I think it will be well worth it. The website layout remains mostly the same but I’ve already made some improvements and upgrades in several places.

  • A new but still familiar look with little improvements here and there to improve readability and organize things better.
  • Re-designed game pages with a “Wikipedia-style” layout and an actual game review system with swirl ratings. Yes, you read that right, swirl ratings, not star ratings. 😉
  • New sidebar on the home page with a #OnlineDreamcasting Twitter feed (Tweet using this hashtag and it will show up here!) and events calendar.
  • New blog post comment system with Gravatar integration and the ability to like comments.
  • New shop review system with the same “swirl rating system” as the game reviews.

This is just the beginning as I have plenty of other ideas for new features and improvements. The main thing was to get the site and all its information completely moved over to the new server. It was a big project over the last couple weeks but it’s finally done. I’m still migrating over some blog post comments which I have to do manually one-by-one but they’re not all going to make their way over. The comments on giveaway posts specifically aren’t going to be moved over as there are hundreds of them and I don’t got time for dat. lol But anyway, the base website is all finished and I couldn’t be happier. Look forward to some cool new things in the future!

P.S. Since the site had to be completely built from scratch, there may very well be some problems like broken links. Please report any issues in the comments below! Thank you!


  1. Yo just want to say that the Dreamcast friendly page for Dreamcast Live is down, probably due to the new server. I hope it can be fixed soon.

  2. Also I realized the DC-live icon in my bookmark toolbar is now a faint white swirl! uhm and DC-live next to it seems blank vanished?

    Mozilla Firefox here, hope it’s on my end

  3. I tried that too at the time and no bueno but now it seems to be working now, maybe shus server was down temporarily? *shrugs*

  4. Well done on the updates!

    The only issues I’ve ran across are getting the any of the leaderboards to display.
    They show as blank when clicking any of the links for me.

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