Sonic Adventure’s World Rankings Restored!

Sonic Adventure’s online functionality has been restored thanks to the efforts of Jial, S4pph4rad, and Dan (DR TEAMCAST) of Assembler Games and Dreamcast-Talk.While the game lacked any sort of online multiplayer features, it did have the World Rankings which could be accessed through the in-game Internet option. The World Rankings allowed you to upload your best scores for the various levels in the game and see how you stacked up to other players around the world. This gave players just small taste of how the Dreamcast could connect players around the world with it’s built-in 56k/33k modem.

While the Sonic Adventure website was mostly restored earlier this year, the restoration of the World Rankings feature makes the website 100% feature complete. If you wish to put your SA skills to the test against other players on the World Wide Web, simply set your DNS to the DreamPi default of (obviously you don’t need to do this if you’re using DreamPi) and select the Internet option from the main menu of Sonic Adventure. You’ll need to sign up for an account on the DreamPipe BB in order to sign in and upload a score.

Note: You’ll need a Sonic Adventure “Send File” to upload your score. To create one, hit Y +A on your controller while selecting your save file when the game first starts up. The game will pause for a few seconds to create the file. Be sure you have enough space on your VMU (17 blocks) because it won’t alert you if it tries to save on a VMU without enough free blocks available.

Via Dreamcast-Talk

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