Sega Swirl Top Scores Back Online!

Shuouma has only just started his vacation and we’re already seeing new things being brought back online! He’s started things off with something simple but still awesome nonetheless: the ability to submit high scores for Sega Swirl! Back in the day, these top scores would be emailed from within the game to Sega Swirl creator Scott Hawkins who would manually process each submission and post it to the Top Scores page on the Sega Swirl website. Shuouma has taken up the torch and will now be handling the high score processing duties. The top scores will then be viewable on the Sega Swirl Leaderboard page.

If you’re like to submit a high score, you’ll need to be set up with Shu’s dcgmail application on your DreamPi. If you haven’t already done this, instructions can be found here. Once you have the up and running, simply boot up the game, select “Top Scores”, select the mode, and hit the X button to send in your high scores.


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