Poll: Your Favorite Online Dreamcast Game (2021 Edition)

It’s time to vote! No, not for the president of the United States of America! This is much more important! It’s time to cast your votes for the best online Dreamcast games of the last year! As always, the results of this poll will be used in next year’s Top 5 Online Dreamcast games video. Maybe I sound like a broken record by this point but I’m going to say it anyway… Will this finally be the year PSO is dethroned from the top spot?! We have a new addition this year that may have a good chance of making that happen: Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon! It’s been a pretty big hit since its revival in June but is it popular enough to stand up against the giant that is PSO? Let’s find out! The rules are similar to the past two years in that you can vote for multiple games but this year you’ll be limited to your top 3, so choose wisely! Play it like a Ouija board and let the spirits guide you to your favorite games! The poll will close on November 30th so be sure to get your votes in before then! Good luck to all the contenders and may the best game win!

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What are your favorite online Dreamcast games?
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  1. I’m just glad that there IS an online service running for this great console. However, I still think there is a ways to go; although the leaderboards for Sonic Adventure 1 AND 2(actually, does anyone have a video of those on the Dreamcast?), among other games as well as Quake III Arena going back online are great steps, I’ve been a little impatient for the release of Bomberman Online with DreamPi capabilities, as well as modding to region unlock consoles, which would allow them to run Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Capcom vs. SNK with online accesibilities. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Eh, probably not, considering the scarcity of the japanese region games with the Matching Service OR the ones that just… somehow HAVE the online capabilities in that region specifically. It WOULD be cool, but for now I’m willing to see what the limits of this project are. Great job getting this far with it!

  2. Easy choices for me, PSO, AFO, and Chu Chu Rocket. But when Bomberman and Outtrigger come back it’ll probably be a lot harder to choose only 3.


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