Offline Competitions Are Back!

As many of you know, Dreamcast Live started in 2011 as a site for offline Dreamcast competitions. It was a way for Dreamcast fans all over the world to play their favorite games together without needing to be in the same room. Competing in these competitions was a lot of fun and even provided a good reason to dive into some Dreamcast games that we might not otherwise play.

A little over a year ago I decided to reboot Dreamcast Live to focus completely on online multiplayer as this area of the Dreamcast was becoming more and more popular. This turned out to be a great move as Dreamcast Live is now way more popular and well known than it ever was. At the same time however, I really miss those offline competitions. This is why today I’m announcing their return! Things will be simplified this time around in order to keep it from becoming too overwhelming (as it did the first time around). These competitions will be exclusive to the Dreamcast-Talk forums and there won’t be a point system, achievements, or world rankings. Each competition will be a simple forum post in the Game Contest section of Dreamcast-Talk were you can post your high scores and chat about the game. The winner of the competition will earn a plaque in the Hall of Champions.

The first of the new offline competitions has already started! If you’re a fan of Crazy Taxi, be sure to head on over to the competition post here to participate!

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