New Server Status Page!

You can now check the status for all servers hosted by Shuouma on the new Server Status page! You can find links to this page on the main Games page as well as on the individual game info pages. This should help with anyone trying to troubleshoot connection problems and wondering if the issue is on their side or the server side. Although Shu’s servers have proven very reliable over the years with maybe only one or two outages, nothing is perfect. If you see a problem with a server, you can report it to Please note that this email is only for reporting server issues. Please don’t email him asking when Bomberman will be back online. 😉 Huge thanks to Shu for getting this set up! It should prove very useful.


  1. Alright. Won’t be asking about “Bomberman.” But when is “Bomberman Online” coming back online Shu? ;p

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