New Online Game [TERMINAL] in Development

The number of online Dreamcast games may soon increase by one thanks to an indie developer named Rico Tyrell. Rico is developing an online third-person shooter called [TERMINAL] (working title) which is currently in it’s early stages. What’s interesting is that the game is being developed using Sega’s Katana SDK rather than BlueCrab’s KallistiOS typically used for most independent Dreamcast titles. This is a first for a Dreamcast indie game since most developers won’t touch Katana due to possible legal issues.

Here’s a description of the game from the developer:

“[TERMINAL] (WIP title) is best described as a cyberpunk third person action game. I don’t have an elevator pitch for the single player campaign as I want to focus on multi player for the time being. At the moment I have planned for four modes for two teams per session: Uplink, Corruption, WipeOut, and Disc Run. Uplink involves capturing a series of nodes in order to establish an uplink to your respective faction’s HQ. Once a node is acquired by a team, the team gains points for every second the node is under that team’s control. Corruption requires the offensive team to gain access to the defending team’s mainframe and corrupt 100% of their data. WipeOut is a simple deathmatch-styled game. Most kills at the end (or up to a set amount) defines the winning team. Disc Run has players fighting against each other to steal the opposing team’s data stash (I think a format such as MO disk would be neat for this).”

Here are some screenshots as well as a video. Keep in mind that this is a very early build:

More information and a download of this build can be found in the forum thread over at SegaXtreme. Thanks to Tom from the Dreamcast Junkyard for bringing this game to my attention.

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  1. Yay! A new game to play online and its cool to see an indie Dreamcast game use both modem and broadband! I hope more Dreamcast indie games do this because that will be a feature a lot of people would like

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