New 4×4 Evo Track Directory Page

As a lot of you may know, 4×4 Evolution allows you to download custom tracks from within the game. One of Evo’s biggest strengths is the variety of tracks but the ability to make and download custom tracks takes it to a whole other level and keeps things fresh. There’s a bit of an issue though. There are hundreds of them and no place to find out any information about each track aside from a simple file name; this means you’ll just be blindly downloading tracks and likely trudging through a lot of terrible ones before finding one that’s any good. Fear not folks for I have a solution! Dreamcast Live now has a 4×4 Evo Track Directory page with a list of tracks accompanied by screenshots and descriptions! I’ll do all the work finding and cataloging the best tracks so you don’t have to! How great is that?! While I’ll admit the page is a bit sparse at the moment with only three tracks as of writing this article, but be assured, the page will be chock full of great tracks in due time. Going through all of them will take a while to say the least but it’ll be well worth it in the end! If you’d like to check out the page, you can do so here. Happy off-roading!


  1. Be careful as I damaged my truck a few times as well as ran over a bunch of nuns testing these tracks.

  2. This is excellent. There was a site back in the day which had a huge repository of maps that I used to used, but alas its been lost to time. Some maps were also literally unplayable without insane trucks also. This has the potential to be a wonderful resource, but will require a lot of work.

  3. 007 something was insanely cool with big bridge gap!!! The bad thing is you would be keying URLs over and over also I think game likes to freeze

    • It would likely be very difficult to do. Without the source code, likely your only option would be to replace the existing tracks rather than add new ones. The game has an in-built custom track directory for easily downloading and organizing tracks but unfortunately it no longer works. I’ll probably suggest Shu take a look at it at some point but he’s got enough on his plate at the moment. Regardless, it’s still a good idea to weed through the hundreds of available tracks to find no which ones are decent and which are crap. lol

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