NBA 2K Series Revived!

You didn’t think the excitement was over with last weekend’s NFL/NCAA revival did you? Shuouma has now officially revived every Visual Concepts sports game with today’s announcement that the NBA 2K series is back online! This is a major milestone for Dreamcast online game revival as not only are all the western sports titles playable online again but this also brings the total number of games playable online over 20! This number has doubled in the last couple years thanks to the amazing work of Jonas Karlsson. Well done good sir! Well done!

As usual, if you’re looking to get online with this game (or any game for that matter), be sure to check out the Connection Guide for all the info you need. It’s also worth noting that just like the NFL and NCAA games, you’ll need to be running DreamPi 1.7 in order to play these games online. If you’re running an earlier version and need to update, you can check out the 2:04 mark in my DreamPi tutorial video here.


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