Metropolis Street Racer Website & Rankings Restored!

The website for one of the Dreamcast’s best racing games, Metropolis Street Racer, has been restored thanks to the work of Jial and Roareye! This one is quite exciting as this was a game that had just about as fleshed-out of an online feature-set as you could have short of having online multiplayer. While you can’t race other players in real-time, you can still challenge them by racing their ghosts in time trials and competing in the Kudos world rankings. This is all very well implemented into the game with the ability to create a time trial ghost right from the Internet option on the main menu. I expect the ease of use and sheer popularity of MSR will make this the most popular game so far to compete in online leaderboards. I know I’ll certainly be on there…. down towards the bottom.. keep scrolling….little farther…yup, there I am!

Do you have more cooties…errr… Kudos than anyone else in the world?
Compete against the ghosts of the game devs! Rumor has it that they all died in a mysterious fire after the game was released…
Upload your best time trials and see how you compare to the rest of the world!
Download the official Speed Challenges and prove you have what it takes!

If you’d like to check out the website yourself, just boot up the game, select the “Internet” option from the main menu and hit “Launch Browser”. DreamPi users will automatically be redirected to the new website but if you’re using another dial-up connection method, you’ll need to make sure your DNS is set to To upload time trial ghosts or compete in the leaderboards, you’ll need to log in using a SegaNet account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up here.

A huge thanks to Jial who did the coding for the leaderboards and database and Roareye for the website coding!


  1. Hi guys, i love that MSR is online, but, is there no way around having to use the dreamcast itself to veiw the leaderboards? is there no website or page that shows them seperately?

    just that i cant seem to get my machine to connect, and as much as i realise that this means that my times wouldnt be uploaded, i could at least note my time down and compare to the global unofficially!

    any help? cheers!, cassius

  2. Hey, just to say I actually did all of the site coding. Jial coded the leaderboard and database, but I built the site not just “helped with “HTML”.

  3. Hi, I created a account on dreampipe Sega net, but doesn’t login, but if I try to make a new one says that my nickname and email already exists

    • Hi, are you trying to login in seganet website or in a in-game website?? Until now , login didn´t work in seganet website, but now you can access to change your profile, but to upload scores and times, you must login in the game website. If you have problems leave me a messange on dctalk or my twitter. Cheers

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