May ’23 Giveaway: Another Dreamcast Broadband Adapter!

Who wants a free Broadband Adapter?! You do? Why of course you do! And I’m thrilled to be able to give you a chance to get that free broadband adapter! Yes indeed, this month’s giveaway features one of the most expensive and sought-after Dreamcast peripherals in existence! This is actually the second time I’ve given one of these away. I figure if I just keep giving them away for free, it’ll drive the prices down and everyone can own one. Simple logic, right? Sadly the BBA is only compatible with 4 of the 24 games that are currently online but hopefully one day that number will increase as new games are brought back online. If you’re interested in a full list of games that supported the accessory back in the day, take a look at the “BBA Support” tab on the Games page. For now, you can at least own one of these bad boys and hope one day you’ll be able to play all 16 of them online.

Since this is a much bigger giveaway than normal, I’ll be using Gleam to run it in a more sophisticated manner than just asking people to leave comments. See the widget below for all the details. Good luck!

Dreamcast BBA Giveaway


  1. I’ve been entering these for ages with no luck so far…. let’s see how this one goes 😎🌀🍾

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