Jonas Karlsson Unveils New Planet Ring Server


Jonas Karlsson has released a new and improved server for Planet Ring! If you’ve ever played Planet Ring on the original private server then you’ll know how buggy and unstable it can be. Jonas’ version is much more stable and adds some new features that were not yet implemented into the 2013 server such as working leaderboards and 8-player support in Soar. The leaderboards are viewable in-game as well as right here on Dreamcast Live. The server software is still in a beta stage but Jonas’ is actively monitoring it in order to spot and fix bugs. In the near future, Jonas also plans on partnering with Luke Benstead to implement software into DreamPi that will fix the in-game voice chat. Between this and the impending alien invasion, you’d better have those Dreamcast microphones at the ready!

DreamPi users will automatically connect to the new server. For everyone else, just make sure your DNS is set to

Via Dreamcast-Talk


  1. thats awesome , ive only heard of this service , i never got a chance to use it , once i get my dreamcast online i will have to try this out

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