Internet Game Pack Is Now Online!

It’s time again for another exciting Dreamcast online-related announcement! Remember that unreleased Dreamcast game called Internet Game Pack that was leaked earlier this year? Well the “Internet” part of that game title is now relevant as Shuouma has successfully reverse-engineered the game server! That’s right, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to experience Visual Concept’s Internet Game Pack in all its online multiplayer glory! Well most of it at least. Sadly it appears the game was not 100% completed as one of the games, Spades, is not able to be played online. Still, five out of six isn’t bad at all. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s a compilation of six parlor-style games including Chess, Poker, Dominoes, Reversi, Spades, and Go. It’s a very nice collection of casual games which should make a great addition to the Dreamcast’s online game roster. Speaking of which, this game brings the total number of online games to 22. Not bad at all! 
As usual, a huge thanks goes out to Shuouma for his hard work and dedication to bringing these games back online. Or in this case, bringing them online for the first time ever! As usual this is a work-in-progress sever so as a fair warning, there may be bugs. Feel free to report any bugs you may experience in the forum thread here.
If you’d like to jump online for some casual table games, be sure to check out the Connection Guide for all the info you need. This game uses a static IP address which needed to be changed, so a modified version of the game is required to play it online; this can be had from the Downloads section of the site.
Update: Leaderboard page is now up!


  1. This is amazing, it is such an honor to be witnessing such a historic moment. Shuouma, indeed thank you for all of your hard work, and best of luck to you on getting the next game back online. DREAMCAST FOREVER!

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