Dricas.com: Sega’s Japanese Dreamcast Network Website Is Still Up!

What is dricas.com you ask? Dricas was the name of Sega’s online service for the Dreamcast in Japan. It was used to host websites for many games and also hosted servers for online games like Phantasy Star Online. Users of the Dream Passport web browser would be directed to dricas.com to get all the latest Dreamcast news right on their Dreamcast. One would assume that this website would have been long since shut down… but it’s not! I was recently perusing Google for Dreamcast-related information and came across this result:

My interested piqued, I clicked the link and was brought to this page:

This is the page where Japanese Dreamcast owners could subscribe to a daily e-mail newsletter that would keep you up to date everything Dreamcast. Sadly, attempting to sign up for this today will just lead to some sort of error page. So why is this page still up? Surely this is some sort of archived webpage that was resurrected by a Japanese Dreamcast fan… nope! As it turns out, the website is still owned by Sega of America! What’s more, this isn’t the only page on the website that’s still alive; there are several others that I’ve linked to below, so go have a look! It’s a mystery why Sega would still have parts of this website up to this day but it’s certainly an intriguing find!

Here are some of the pages that are still up (translated with Google Translate):

Daily DC News

Daily DC News Archive

Checkicco MIL-CD Page

eAccess ADSL Page

Dricas.com Google Search


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