DreamPi 1.9 DLE Released!

A new version of DreamPi DLE has been released! This update includes some new additions and fixes from Shuouma including support for upcoming online games, improved reliability in Daytona USA, and a new update feature. See the full changelog below.

  • Minor change to add support for future TBA online games.
  • Increased TTL for outgoing packets which will improve the chance of games starting in Daytona USA and possibly other games as well.
  • The Daytona USA fix is now started via the DreamPi script instead of starting on boot. This can help make the retrieval of the user’s WAN IP address more reliable if using a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Added DNAT update function for automatically updating server IPs for games with fixed server IP addresses such as Alien Front Online.
  • Added an update feature which will allow you to simply place an update file on the SD card for easy updating in the future instead of reflashing the entire card.

You can grab the new image from the Downloads page. If you need instructions on how to flash the new image to your Pi’s SD card, have a look at the video tutorial here.

Note: All the updates in this image are in the main DreamPi script so that’s available as a standalone file from the downloads page if you wish to update manually from 1.8 DLE instead of reflashing. Simply place the file on the SD card (in the root of the “boot” partition) and enter the commands below on the Pi.

sudo cp /boot/dreampi.py dreampi/dreampi.py
sudo update-rc.d -f dcdaytona remove
sudo reboot

Big thanks to Shuouma for his work on this! In addition to this update, Shuouma will be launching a brand new Daytona USA server soon which fixes many of the issues with the current server. Stay tuned for that and more exciting announcements soon!

Update 2/20/2024: I’ve uploaded an updated image which modifies the auto-update functionality added by SEGA RPG FAN in 1.8 DLE. It will no longer overwrite the main DreamPi script so you can safely use the auto-update to get the latest NetLink and XBAND updates. If you’ve already flashed the new 1.9 update, you can simply place this update file (unzip it first) in the root of the “boot” partition on your SD card. Next time you boot up the Pi, it will automatically update and reboot.


  1. nice update! didn’t expect a new dreampi update already! really looking forward to these future game releases…hoping to get back into dc soon…just life been so busy but really appreciate you guys!

  2. Note that you must have the following file present on the pi in order for the dreampi.py script to not auto-update itself (i.e., revert/downgrade) back to the latest version hosted on GitHub.


    Create this file with the following command, and then follow the steps in the article posted above: sudo touch /boot/noautoupdates.txt

    And here’s the URL to that latest version: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eaudunord/dreampi/latest/dreampi.py

  3. Finally got my hands on a Pi after a year. I really appreciate there are regular players trying to grow the community. With updates like this the experience only gets better.

  4. Hmm? Is one of those future games Bomberman Online? If not I’ll riot lol. Anyways I’ll be downloading this today


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