Dreamcast Now for Broadband Adapter

One of the best features of DreamPi is without-a-doubt Dreamcast Now, which is a service that allows you to see who’s online and what game they’re playing. Up until now it hasn’t been possible to use it with any other connection method, but now thanks to Scrivani over at the Dreamcast-Talk forums, you can now use it with other connection methods, including a broadband adapter! The program, which can be installed on an existing DreamPi or a virtual machine via PC) essentially allows you to manually show yourself on Dreamcast Now by selecting the game you’re playing from a list. While it doesn’t work automatically like it does with DreamPi, it’s still very cool to be able to be able to use the service at all with the BBA.

If you’d like to try this out for yourself, you can get all the details on the forum post here. Big thanks to Scrivani for all his hard work on this!


  1. This is very cool and a big step for the Dreamcast and Dreamcast Now. I remember talking about this when Dreamcast Now was first a thing. Glad its finally coming together. I’m try to get on this myself but I don’t have a PC to download this software


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