Dreamcast Now 2.0 Goes Live!


Kazade has given Dreamcast Now a complete makeover (designed by yours truly)! The new version features screenshot backgrounds that show the current / last game played, cover art for recently played games, and red/green highlighted avatars to indicate online status. In addition, the site now hides players that haven’t been online in the last 60 days; this along with other tweaks has significantly decreased the website’s load time. There are still some additional tweaks coming in the future including the return of player ranks and a total player count that includes inactive players.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, be sure to hit up @kazade on Twitter.


  1. Awesome. Keep up the good work. I never even knew about dreampi until I stumbled along a YouTube video from last year trying out Tetris online with a dreampi. I hope that more people start using this service. I may look into building a self contained unit with line voltage inducer and everything needed in one neat box.

    • Unfortunately the way DC Now works currently, it can’t be fixed. It checks the domain that’s requested to determine the game and in the case of Starlancer and PBA Bowling, it’s master.gamespy.com for both. So basically DC Now can show it as either Starlancer or PBA Bowling but it can’t tell them apart.

  2. Looks spectacular!!!! One suggestion for the future is to put the country of the Player (if it is possible)

  3. I love the change, looks amazing!!! Very clear now and the artwork of the games gives the perfect touch. Thanks for the update!!!

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