ChuChu Rocket! Server Version 1.0 Now Online! (Updated)

Jonas Karlsson has deployed the final version of the ChuChu Rocket! server. This version adds a host of new features that were in the original Sega server and also improves reliability. Here’s what’s new:

  • User Registration – You can now register your nickname so that no one else can use it. Your username and password will also be saved for future logins.
  • Puzzle Land – Upload and download custom puzzles.
  • Server Chat Notifications – Chat will show when players enter and leave the server.
  • Multiple Players on One Console – Multiple players can now play online on a single console.
  • Rankings – Press X on a player to view their number of wins, losses, and games played.
  • Leaderboard – A leaderboard showing the top 10 players.
  • Room Creation – Create your own custom rooms in the game.

Important note: User registration is bound to one console. If you play on more than one Dreamcast, you will need multiple nicknames.

I want to once again thank Jonas for all his work getting ChuChu Rocket! back online. It’s a fantastic contribution to the Dreamcast community. For information on how to connect to the server, please refer to the Connection Guide.

Update: The ability to create your own rooms has also been added.


  1. This is great news, gives me a better reason to sort out a DreamPI now instead of just using my BBA for online games

  2. I’m really glad multiple people can play online on one console. Was that available on the official server?

    • Yes, that was part of the official server. You’ll see when you try and connect that it will give you an option of playing online with up to 3 players.

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