POD SpeedZone Is Back Online!

The great Shuouma has done it again! POD SpeedZone (or POD II if you’re in PAL territories) has been resurrected from the online multiplayer graveyard! Having the online functionality restored for this game is fantastic as it was designed from the ground up with online multiplayer in mind. In fact, POD has little in the way of offline content. The single player “Arcade” mode is essentially nothing more than single practice races with no real objective. Going online is where the game really shines. Not only do you have access to more gameplay modes, but you also have an additional track and extra vehicles unlocked after jumping online for the first time. I guess you could say we can once again play POD SpeedZone in the way that Ubisoft originally intended.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that this game is one of few to support the broadband adapter (US version only); so if you happen to own this hard-to-find peripheral, rejoice! You finally have another game to play with it!

As usual, the server for this game is a work-in-progress so don’t be surprised if you run into a bug or two. Also the Classification / rankings still need some work; it currently does not display the correct times. If you wish to report any bugs, you can do so in the announcement thread here.

Once again, a huge thanks to Jonas / Shuouma for all time and effort put into bringing these online games back to life! The Dreamcast online community surely wouldn’t be what it is today without him. I also want to give a thank you to a few other people who will remain unnamed (you know who you are) but provided a lot of helpful info for getting this game back online. Also thanks to Luke Benstead a.k.a. Kazade for helping out as well.

If you’d like to jump online for some futuristic racing action, be sure to check out the Connection Guide for instructions on how to connect.


  1. ive spent half an hour trying to get the pal version to connect with my bba. if only id read the commentss first. As a mod for the dcjy page I should know better and that will teach me lol!

  2. Awesome! Fantastic! I remember when this game was released, but sadly never had the chance to play it. Finally I can play like its 2000 again!

  3. Yes! I’m very happy this is back, can’t wait to try this on my bba. Glad to have another bba supported game back, can’t wait to see what else comes back online next ๐Ÿ™‚

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