ChuChu Rocket! Is Back Online!

Exciting news for those of you that play Dreamcast online (which I assume is everyone that visits this site :-D). The very first online Dreamcast game, ChuChu Rocket!, is back online forever!  The official server for the game went offline in November of 2003 so it’s been almost 13 years since anyone’s played it online. Thanks to the efforts of Jonas Karlsson (the same guy behind the Dreamarena server which allows you to play Toy Racer via dial-up), the server software has been reverse engineered. Jonas is hosting his own server which anyone can connect to by simply setting your DNS server to This is the default DNS server for DreamPi users, so if that’s your connection method of choice, you don’t have to change anything. When asked for a username and password, enter anything (they aren’t saved in the current implementation of the server). The server software and source code will be released to the public at some point so that it can be hosted by anyone and preserved. Keep in mind the server is still a proof-of-concept so expect bugs.


  1. OMG! the first “modern style” online game is back! the game that set the way for every other basic server code, moving away from P2P phone calls on console! its back!

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