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To place an order, please email with the details of your order and your location in order to calculate the total. Please do not email about stock inquires. If an item is out of stock, just keep an eye on the shop until the notice is removed. Thank you!

Shipping Prices
Cables / Modems: US: $4 | International: $15*
DreamPi Kits: US: $5 | Canada: $20 | International: $25*
Other Stuff: E-mail for quote!

*This is the typical rate but shipping prices may be higher to certain countries.


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Line Voltage Inducers & Modems

Line voltage inducers and modems for use with DreamPi.

Dreamcast Live USB Modem

Out of stock but still available with modem trade-in.

USB modem with integrated line voltage inducer. Works with NTSC Dreamcast modems. Get $10 off if you trade in a Dell or Lenovo USB modem.

PAL Line Voltage Inducer

Line voltage inducer for PAL Dreamcast modems. Powered via the Pi’s USB port.

DreamPi Kits

These plug-and-play kits include everything you need to get your Dreamcast online. Note that a US power supply is included with all kits so if you’re in a region with different outlets, you’ll need a prong adapter to use it. If you plan on using Wi-Fi, a USB keyboard will be required to input the network details.

NOTICE: DreamPi kits are in short supply and will only be available intermittently in small batches. If they’re out of stock, just keep checking the shop daily until the “out of stock” notice is removed. Please do not email asking when they will be back in stock. If you want to get online sooner, you can put a kit together yourself by following this tutorial.

Pi 3 DreamPi Kit

Out of stock. Please check back later.

Includes Raspberry Pi 3, Case, AC Adapter, SD Card w/ latest version of DreamPi, phone cable, and Dreamcast Live USB Modem (or regular USB modem and LVI for PAL).

This kit has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi and works with both PAL and NTSC Dreamcasts.


Other stuff you might like.

USB Controller Adapter
$29.99 ($24.99 for 2+)

The USB4MAPLE adapter by megavolt85 allows you to use USB controllers, keyboards, and mice with your Dreamcast (compatibility list). In addition, you can emulate a VMU using a USB splitter (available for $2 extra) and a USB flash drive. A standard USB-C-to-USB-A cable is included.

VMU Holder v2

3D-printed VMU holder. Holds up to 10 VMUs / memory cards. Custom colors available on request for holder itself and buttons/screen.

VMU Holder v3

3D-printed VMU holder. Holds up to 10 VMUs / memory cards. Custom colors available on request for holder itself and triangle emblem.

Dreamcast Lid

Custom 3D-printed GD-ROM drive lid. Available in a variety of colors!

VMU Stand

3D-printed VMU stand for proudly displaying your favorite VMUs. They snap into place by utilizing the wrist strap connector at the bottom so they won’t move or accidentally fall over. Available in a variety of colors for the stand and triangle emblem.

Dreamcast Live T-Shirt

Support the site by purchasing an official Dreamcast Live t-shirt.
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DreamPi / Link Cable / VMU holder

March 5, 2018

I purchased the Raspberry Pi 3 DreamPi Kit, the vs Link cable, and the VMU holder and I couldn’t be happier. Getting the Dreamcast online and also being able to connect two of them together to play Virtual On on two different TV’s is simply amazing. Great communication and customer service.


Excellent Communication.

March 2, 2018

I purchased a Dreamcast Live USB Modem. It was shipped to the UK the next day and arrived 5 days later well packaged and in perfect working condition. Thanks!


Simply amazing

February 27, 2018

Had a Bios chip installed in my Dreamcast and it was done quickly and shipped back quickly as well. Excellent communication. Also ordered a Dream Pi kit and again…fast communication. Pleasant person to do business with.

Thanks so much for providing these awesome services to us Dreamcast fans. Your a big reason why the Dream still lives today!


Back online and couldn’t be easier!

February 26, 2018

I stumbled upon the DreamPi project from a YouTube video and instantly bought one. Arrived well packaged a mere 3 days later and was simply plug and play. Within 15 minutes of opening the package and fishing out a copy of Web Browser 2.0 I was back online with my original childhood Dreamcast. The included instructions are dead easy to follow, and the kit has everything that you need and nothing you don’t. Overall, an excellent product that I wished I had known about years ago!



February 25, 2018

Bought a Drempi Kit 1 year ago