Poll: Your Favorite Online Dreamcast Game (2018 Edition)

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! No, I’m not talking about the holiday season (although that’s cool too). It’s time to vote for your favorite online Dreamcast game so I can compile this year’s top 5 list with accompanying article and video! Exciting right?! With a couple new additions to the poll this year and a bunch more online players, it’ll be interesting to see how the results differ from last year. Will PSO finally be dethroned? Will PBA Tour Bowling 2001 come back with vengeance? Will the government finally come clean about the aliens that have been living among us and working with government scientists to create alien-human hybrids….. *ahem* … errr… you can vote in the poll below. The poll will close on December 28th. May the best game win!

Edit: Poll is now closed!


  1. Quake 3 Arena is one that’s very important to me because I get to hang and chat with some very cool & chill people, while at the same time blow em all up into a bunch of little bloody gory gibs. Lol And to be honest, it really does help me battle some of my inner demons.

  2. Monaco Racing Simulator was important for me, so many time waiting for it!!! And get it online was a open door to get other games online, like POD2. Yeah, nice year too!!!

  3. Even though I am staring to enjoy more of the online games that are back online, PSO still has the top place in my heart for online game play. 🙂

  4. Racing Simulation 2 Monaco Grand Prix On-Line god that’s a fingerful lolll welp I could have also tied that with PSO and Alien Front Online but can only pick one. Merry Holidays pc !!!

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