November ’22 Giveaway: Sealed POD SpeedZone! (Update: Winner Chosen!)

Do you smell that? That’s the scent of a brand-new Dreamcast game! In this month’s giveaway, you have a chance to win a sealed copy of POD SpeedZone with 50 free hours of SegaNet! Alright, so the latter may possible be expired but hey, give Sega a call and maybe they’ll compensate you with a free Sonic plushie or something. SegaNet trial memberships aside, you’re getting a nice copy of a solid online racer. Definitely one of the more underrated online games in the Dreamcast’s library. Supports both dial-up and broadband to boot!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know how what online game you wish people played more of (PSO is not a valid answer! ;-)). The winner will be chosen one week from today (November 17th). Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to DarkSynbios!


  1. Honestly I’d love to play some Worms World Party with folks online. Worms has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years.

  2. i don’t think i’ve ever played even one match of chu chu rocket multiplayer, even locally!

    i only just got online this week, so i’m looking forward to trying every game i can 🙂

  3. POD is great! I remember playing the first one back on the family Gateway computer. Yep, the ol’ cow-print box.

    It would be great to see Unreal Tournament back online! But I’ll take Quake 3 any day!

  4. I am writing to say that I am hugely grateful for the effort ya’ll put in keep the DC alive. I personally love PSO and Worm’s Armageddon, but people play that a good deal already (but there is alway room for more online).

    • I’d love to try out Starlancer with more people! There aren’t very many flight or space games like that on Dreamcast, let alone ones with online play

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