November ’21 Giveaway: DreamPi Kit (Update: Winner Chosen!)

Well folks, it’s getting to the end of the year and into the season of giving, and I think that calls for a big giveaway! How would you like to get your Dreamcast connected to the internet, free of charge?! That’s right, this month I’ll be giving away a free DreamPi kit! The plug-and-play DreamPi kit includes everything you need to play over 20 online multiplayer games on real Dreamcast hardware! Included in this kit will be a Raspberry Pi 2, Wi-Fi adapter (so you can connect via ethernet or wireless), SD card with the latest version of the DreamPi software, power adapter, and all the necessary USB modem / line voltage inducer hardware required to connect your NTSC or PAL Dreamcast.

Entering this giveaway is a bit different than normal. I’ll be using the same system as the broadband adapter giveaway that I did a while back. Just take a look at the Gleam widget below for all the details on how to enter. Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Mikko Hänninen!

DreamPi Kit Giveaway


  1. Mikko Hänninen

    Thank you!!! (。・ω・。)

  2. Bobby Brown

    Great giveaway…good luck everyone.

  3. mistamontiel

    Cheers lad! No offense but I don’t approve your Pi casing! See-through’s the best!

  4. Cryev

    I was hoping to jump in to PSO in a couple of months.
    Looking forward to it!
    Good luck to everyone.

  5. 5GUY

    This is great! Good luck to everybody!

  6. Mikko Hänninen

    I wish I could join the giveaway without a twitter account…

  7. Francisco

    Get my Dreamcast online? sure i’m in !!!

  8. Ah that’s awesome! Thanks for the opportunity! Would be great to finally get back on with a proper stable connection after a few years now

    • FraserBlueGaming

      This is awesome, good on you PC

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