November ’20 Giveaway: The Next Tetris: Online Edition (Update: Winner Chosen!)

The Next Giveaway for The Next Tetris has arrived! Yes indeed, this month’s free game up for grabs is The Next Tetris: Online Edition! An excellent version of Tetris with exciting online-multiplayer action. This is one of the most underrated online games in my opinion and one you should definitely have in your collection if you don’t already!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know what the first Tetris game you ever played was. The winner will be chosen one week from today (November 17th). Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to BlazedRunner!


  1. Ragfish

    I started with the gameboy version, and I had no idea how to play as a kid

  2. Chris

    The first time I played tetris was on an NES My parents bought me for Christmas from K-Mart! They got the mario bundle with the light gun, but also bought tetris and track and field with it.

  3. Chris Nunn

    Like most the first experience was on a gameboy, not mine as I wasn’t allowed one but my auntie (not a real auntie but a friend of the family type of auntie) had one and Tetris was her only game. Oh the music 🙂

  4. Bobby Brown

    Gameboy without a doubt was my time, loved the game. Been addicted to it ever since.

  5. BlazedRunner

    Tetris was the first game (like many) I played on the gameboy when I got it for Xmas as a kid..gotta love a game that’s probably the most cloned video game ever

  6. Jonathan

    To be Honest I’ve never really played an authentic version of tetris, but I would like to make this my first one.

  7. My first experience with Tetris was on the NES. I can remember my Dad getting a bit addicted and staying up into the late hours playing it, much to my Mom’s chagrin. For reference, my Dad is not a gamer whatsoever, so it was a very rare event! He did enjoy taking a spin on Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast many years later, though – clearly a man of refined taste!

  8. Gocha

    Free tetris hype!
    First tetris I played? probably the NES version, but I love almost every version of tetris, tetris DS and tetris 99 are specially good, I’ve also heard some good things about puyopuyotetris for the switch.

    Good luck to everyone and thanks pcwzrd for hosting this giveaway.

  9. BattleToadsOnTitan

    First was NES tetris. I’ll always remember how magical the NES seemed as a little kid who didn’t have one yet, esp the music in tetris, and even its simple visuals.

    Love the GB ver too!

  10. Jabe

    Cool giveaway! First Tetris I ever played was Tetris DS and Tetris 99 has got to be my favourite so far!

  11. Allen

    First Tetris game was the one that came with my Gameboy many years ago.

  12. Big_Nuggie

    Hell why not, I’d rather have an official copy instead of burning one.

  13. W0RMH01E

    The first Tetris game I played was funny enough the original tetris for game boy.

  14. Adrian Warner

    This gamw is fantastic!. Cant never get bored of tetris!. Look forward to hearing your views on metal slug 6 for dreamcast

  15. FraserBlueGaming

    First Tetris version, you say? Probably Tetris DS on the, um, Nintendo DS. Good luck to everyone!

  16. REDcat

    for the first time I played Tetris on a brick game console where, in addition to Tetris, there were several other games

  17. My first Tetris Game was the one on Game Boy. I still play it a lot. My brother “Apo” is, according to, the best Game Boy Tetris player worldwide and I have a bronze medal in the B-Type contest ^^ ( Funny ’cause all this “ranking” battle started with a stupid brother jock in 2015. I’ll beat you Apo ! I’ll beat you ! But on The Next Tetris !

    • So I have a question. Is there any way I can contact Apo? I’ve been trying to find any of the last remaining players of the GB tetris community. I’ve currently beat a few of his records (but cyberscore wouldn’t allow them since I was using an emulator (I ripped the rom from my own personal copy of the game before anyone asks)). I just wanted to see if I could get in touch because I feel like the remaining community members might have a lot of interesting knowledge that I could find useful.

  18. Colin

    First version I played was in the arcade in ’88. I’m that old.

    • xanderten50

      Definitely original game boy version… couldn’t put a time on it though, just back in the mists of time lol!

  19. Jon Weber

    I actually don’t think I’ve played this version. Honest question: What’s so “Next” about it? The on-line feature?

  20. Jial

    Hi, I want it xDDD. Good luck to everybody

  21. Brandon

    I think my first experience with tetris was
    was playing the gameboy version on virtual console.

  22. Oh wow. I think the first Tetris game I ever played was the one for Gameboy. Really couldn’t put that one down. That’s how I fell in love with the series. Honestly, I love puzzle games in general like Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Fighter.

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