May ’22 Giveaway: Daytona USA (Update: Winner Chosen!)

Get ready race fans! It’s time for another giveaway and this time it’s for a copy of DAYTONAAAAAAA!!! USA…. errrr…. Daytona USA. Sorry. *ahem* I don’t think there’s much of a reason to go into detail on what this game is. I’m sure most of you are familiar with it, unless you’ve been living under a rock on Ragol. Undoubtedly a lot of you are clamoring for some online multiplayer action with this one. Hopefully one day that’ll be possible once again, but for now, you can at least own a copy and be ready for when that day comes.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know what racing games from other consoles you wish were ported to the Dreamcast. The winner will be chosen one week from today (May 17th). Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Mikko Hänninen!


  1. Dreamcast really missed out on some great racing games. A game like Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions on Dreamcast would have been fun.

  2. I know it’s a couple of years late, but Outrun 2 would have been amazing on Dreamcast. More realistically I would have liked to see Twisted Metal 2.

  3. Always wanted this one.
    Would have been cool to see SCUD race on DC. Even if it wasn’t a console game.

  4. Good luck everyone! I would like to see a more expanded version of Sonic R for DC. That game has potential!

  5. We should have definitely have got Daytona USA 2 for the Dreamcast or literally and home console, I’m STILL waiting.

  6. If Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 or Nascar Thunder 02 were on the dreamcast, it’d blow out every other consoles racing library. Dreamcast had many cool, unique, exclusive racing games geared more towards fun rather than simulating the real experience.

  7. Road Rash should have been modernized and ported to the Dreamcast. Same with Alex Kidd, Ristar, Vectorman, and every other property in the Sega vaults inexplicably lost to time despite being solid gold 🙂

  8. Man, there are so many racing games I wish were ported to the Dreamcast- the Need for Speed games, Sega Super GT, Daytona 2… the Dreamcast really missed out on some great games.

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