March ’24 Giveaway: Dreamcast Mini Keyboard (Update: Winner Chosen!)

It’s time for the first giveaway of 2024 and it’s the biggest one yet! And I mean that quite literally in terms of physical dimensions because I’m giving away a Dreamcast keyboard! To be more specific, a Japanese mini clear / skeleton keyboard. This is actually the one I use myself for online chat purposes. It’s honestly not the best for something like Typing of the Dead (which is ironic considering it was bundled with the game in Japan) But as we all know, aesthetics are the most important thing in any product, functionality be damned! Ahem, anyway. The keyboard pictured isn’t the actual one you’ll be getting as I don’t have it in hand. The one you (might) win will be shipped to you directly from a Japanese eBay seller as that will be the most cost-effective way of doing it; especially if you’re located outside the US. My goal is to get one that’s in excellent condition however, hopefully in the original box, just so you know what to expect. 🙂

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know what your favorite Dreamcast peripheral is. The winner will be chosen one week from today (March 8th). Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to ToastedGreedo!


  1. Sorry you didn’t win, Sonic1994. I know you would have used it online which is what Sega meant it to do. Hope to see you on PSO again.

  2. I just stumbled upon this giveaway today which is my birthday so I’m really hoping it’s the hand of fate at work here.

    I finally got a DC not long ago and I’ve been discovering all of this stuff, I really want to take it online eventually and that is how I landed here, looking at the DreamPi kits. Out of everything I’ve seen and while I do love the VMU, I would say this particular Japanese clear KB/M are my favorite. The aesthetics are on point.

  3. I have been heavily rocking the Y2K aesthetic lately and I’ve always found transparent electronics from the time to be mesmerizing to me and I think we should make it popular again. That said, I already do have a dreamcast keyboard but I think owning a keyboard like that would complete the aesthetic I am going for!

    If I had to pick a favorite peripheral, it would be the lightgun.

  4. The keyboard is so useful and cool, especially with a semi-transparent shell like that, but I think my favourite peripheral for the Dreamcast must be the Twin Stick: it radiates strong mech-piloting vibes and even if it was disappointing to discover it’s not supported by Frame Gride, the compatible titles are very good and there are also homebrews/indies like Xenocrisis and Xenocider that keep it alive.

  5. I really like the arcade stick ’cause I like fighting games and the Dreamcast one is the best in my opinion!

  6. Et moi qui pensai qu’il était bien trop tard pour participer. Je suis un Fan de SEGA. Jamais au grand jamais je n’ai dépenser le moindre centime ailleurs que chez SEGA. Non je rigole! Mes enfants furent bercé par Nintendo à mon grand dam… A leurs naissances la Dreamcast était en bout de course mais resta MA console de cœur! Mon périphérique Dreamcast préféré reste et restera son Modem 56k!
    Grâce à lui j’ai pû connaitre les joies d’internet et les parties endiablées avec de joueurs du monde entier!

  7. I would love to enter! My favorite dreamcast peripheral has to be the VMU. I remember getting my dreamcast in 1999, taking the VMU to school and playing mini games in the cafeteria. It was so simple but such an amazing experience.

  8. It’s seriously hard to choose with the insane amount it has. The steering wheel, maracas, camera, microphone, fishing rod… all of them are fun and add an extra dimension.

    Though pick one, I gotta go with the VMU. It completely reinvented what a memory card could be and what one could do; reflective of the Dreamcast itself for reinventing what home consoles could do.

  9. my personal favorite is the lightgun, mainly for house of the dead. but I’ve always been fond of the keyboard ever since first getting a dreampi.

  10. I always put in a “I’m not eligible” disclaimer on this site…BUT NOT TODAY! For the first time, this is something I would want and use…The Dreamcast Keyboard. This definitely would be used by me online being my Dreamcast keyboard died the death of disco and I have been MIA online lately.

    • Hoping you get this (if I don’t). You would be using this, not selling it off on ebay. Thanx for being one of the greatest online players and really cool dude!

  11. I haven’t been fortunate enough to get my hands on any Dreamcast peripherals yet aside from the jump pack that came with my console from eBay. However, I would absolutely love to get a light gun. Aside from a keyboard, it’s probably the one I would get the most mileage out of and the one that is the hardest to play its games without.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  12. I would have to say my favorite peripheral that’s not first party would have to be the double power by innovation. though useless now I loved the thing in the early 2000s

  13. I think my favorite Dreamcast peripheral besides the standard stuff is the ASCII pad. I also really like the Mad Catz Panther.

  14. My favorite are the lightguns especially! SEGA gets them right!! I’ve miserably stayed away from Playstation guns cuz can’t jus be into console and ready

  15. Mine is the official Dreamcast lightgun. There are not many games that support it but there still some of my favorite games to go back too. too bad the unofficial lightguns are not great without modifications.

  16. Definitely gotta be the fishing controller, need to get one cause I had one back in the day, and who wouldn’t want to fish on the Dreamcast?

  17. My favorite has to be the fishing controller. I dont fish i. Real life but can appreciate How well they knocked it out of the park.

  18. The Dreamcast Racing Controller (HKT-7400) steering wheel was my favorite peripheral growing up. Hundreds of hours playing Crazy Taxi 2 with it.

  19. The Dreamcast controller is my favorite. It wasn’t perfect, but it was fun. I’m curious what the next evolution of a Sega controller would have been like if they kept making hardware.

    • My favorite peripheral, not counting VMUs I suppose, would probably have to be the arcade stick, because it’s such good quality and there are so many great fighting games on the Dreamcast. Honorable mention to the fishing controller cause that’s surprisingly good as well.

  20. I gotta say my favorite has got to be the VMU! The way you can download mini games and see cool stuff while you play is so charming and fun.

  21. While the keyboard is number 2 on my list for typing of the dead and PSO, the light gun for dreamcast or basically any retro system is always my favorite way to play the console. Light gun games are always instant fun.

  22. Absolutely love this keyboard! never had one though, a friend did. I would say either this or the official mouse is probably my favorite dreamcast peripheral. Would love to get my hands on this keyboard though.

  23. My fav one is the Maraca. I simply love it.
    Second one would be the keyboard to play some Typing of the Dead!

  24. My favorite peripheral has to be the Dreameye. I just think it’s such a weird and interesting part of the Dreamcast’s history.

  25. thanks as always for the opportunity PC.

    my fave peripheral for the xreamcast has to be the fishing controller haha

  26. My favourite is probably the light gun, simple but it’s given me countless awesome hours in House of the Dead 2

  27. There are so many unique and quirky options to go with, but I’ve always been fond of the sega bass fishing gizmo thingy.

  28. I remember that I always wanted one of these back when I was hooked on PSO. The big old PAL one did me well though.

    My favourite is probably the Dream Para Para controller. Just because it was so strange that a company would create that KO.

  29. Pure nostalgia but I love the mouse, I’m sure there’s mods that allow more modern mods but I love my ball and mouse 😀

  30. My favorite peripheral has to be the sega bass fishing controller. it’s so cool I don’t even know why!

  31. I love the VMU in combination with the controller. I don’t think anyone was able to compare to that kind of innovation until the wii u and even then it still didn’t compare to the Dreamcast!

  32. It has to be the controller, because how does one use the system without a controller. Also, its comfy like an old pair of shoes.

  33. The maracas for Samba De Amigo is my favourite rhythm game controller. They’re so much fun to use. Since they have beads inside they work like actual maracas, providing great feedback as you use them. Love em!

  34. Packaging wise, my favorite is the Mouse. Most surprising peripheral is the 3rd party fishing controller. I was not expecting it to be better than the official one.

  35. i didn’t even know that this existed. I had fond memories of trolling with the original dc keyboard when my bro was playing pso.


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