July ’24 Giveaway: Alien Front Online CIB!

It’s time for another giveaway, folks and it’s a pretty awesome one this time! For your giveaway pleasure, I present to you a complete-in-box copy of Alien Front Online with the microphone! And as a bonus, the microphone filter hasn’t yet crumbled into dust, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days. Not much else to say otherwise, a great complete copy of a great game! L@@K R@RE W0W!!!!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know an item you have in your game collection that’s in terrible condition but you still love it anyway. The winner will be chosen one week from today (July 17th). Good luck!


  1. Dang I’ve ALWAYS wanted this game!

    The worst thing in my collection is definitely my Game Gear. It has soooo many problems but I’m slowly fixing everything. Back in the day I got the Game Gear, a carrying case, and a bunch of games from a guy online in a trade. All he wanted was a single N64 controller! (I gave him a red one)

  2. I have a copy of Sonic Adventure that has a box in terrible condition, but I still love it. Also, not on the Dreamcast, I have a CIB copy of Super Mario RPG for SNES that has a very beat up box and manual, but the game is great.

  3. My DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY DUODECIM Edition PlayStation Portable
    Screwed up the screen need to get it fixed or switch it out to get it working again.

  4. My 20/21″ Hitachi VGA monitor all the way from 1997.. use for all sixth gen except PS2 and on power I need a sound cue so it can ‘grab’ image and throughout it drops focus+regains randomly.. ho what a sweet eye candy she delivers regardless

  5. One of my favorite games in my collection is Seaman. I got lucky and found a copy in its original box, however, it’s completely beaten up and the microphone is brown and squished. Still an awesome game and hope to beat it when I have a consistent amount of time to play.

  6. Among original copies of PSO v.2 and QIIIA, that would be a masterpiece for my dreamcast collection !
    I would say my very first computer which a gift for my 10th birthday (so back in 1988) : a 260 ST with german keyboard layout. Now it is golden but it still works. fine.
    Thank you PCWZRD13 and good luck to everyone.

  7. just got the equipment to get my dreamcast online, something I’ve dreamed of as a kid and never had the chance to do!

  8. I bought it back then. I think me and my friend were the only German players online. Loved it.
    But my disc is not readable anymore maybe it’s disc rot, no scratches at all.
    It’s awesome we can play such treasures online again.

  9. Nice giveaway, PC! The roughest condition item in my collection is a Performance Rumble Pack with the top cracked wide open and it still works! One could say it did its job to its maximum capability!!

  10. The cardboard box for my copy of Seaman is in absolute tatters. I got it that way just to save on the cost many years ago. What’s more, the Dreamcast logo on the box has faded over the years, and the little foam piece that covers the microphone has turned to dust as well. 🙁

  11. My copy of X-Men: Children of the Atom is in pretty poor shape, being a purchase from Blockbuster so has their overlay on the CD and the manual is a Xerox copy in black & white….but it still works.

  12. Worst condition item in the collection that I still love? Hm…

    Well, I have the same unlicensed DreamMovie VCD/MP3 player that I bought 22 years ago (when I was 14 years old). The box is in shambles, and the remote has a huge gash in it, but boy do I love it.

  13. Has to be my copy of Blue Stinger. My favorite Dreamcast game, and the jewel case is basically a strip of plastic dangling off the edge of the case. Spine is completely worn off. I still keep it on the shelf though!

  14. I need that so bad!!! 🙂

    My item in terrible condition is exactly a Japanese V1 Dreamcast that a bought some weeks ago and get to me completely yellowed and with a smell of nicotine, but above all of this its working perfectly!!!

    • I forgot to answer the question as well (D’oh): my Vita has seen better days – especially being a second-hand ebay grab a few years back, but it just keeps on going, I just wouldn’t be without it! 😀

  15. Oh awesome! I have been trying to get my brother to play something other than PSO with me, gifting Alien Front and a Mic might just do the trick! Fingers crossed, good luck to everyone, and thank you PCWZRD13!

    Edit: I forgot to answer the question >.< My PSP is "loved" to put it kindly and could do with a new shell among other things, but I actually kinda like its beat to heck look.

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