July ’21 Giveaway: Ferrari F355 Challenge (Update: Winner Chosen!)

Have I got a fantastic giveaway for you right here! Up for grabs this month is a Ferrari F355! Oh wait, sorry, I mean Ferrari F355 Challenge, the game, not the car. Sorry to get your hopes up there. It’s still pretty exciting though as it’s considered a masterpiece of a game on our beloved Sega Dreamcast. It also featured an interesting online component which pitted up to 16 players racing against each other. Sadly it’s not true online multiplayer as you would race alone and then the results would be shown to you afterwards, with a replay combining the ghosts of all the other cars on the track. It was an interesting way to implement the online play for sure.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below and make sure you include a valid email address in the “Email” box. Just for fun, let me know which other online game you wish supported 16 players. The winner will be chosen one week from today (July 17th). Good luck!

Update: The winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Tangt!


  1. S W E G Z A

    So how can i enter next giveaway? And if i win do i have to pay postage?

  2. BattleToadsOnTitan

    This looks awesome. 16 player crazy taxi sounds really fun, sign me up!

  3. Alexander Gordon

    I would love if Hydro Thunder had 16 player online races. This game is already one of my all time favorite arcade racers and I can only imagine the chaos 16 players would bring.

  4. Tangt

    I think Crazy Taxi could have been fun. Driving around, stealing good customers from people, or sabotaging them. Although just having leaderboards for Crazy Taxi would be great too.

  5. Allen

    Looks like a interesting game, I don’t think I own any racing games on the DC

  6. ghosto95

    Nice, I like racing games and F355 Challenge is one of the very best on Dreamcast.
    I think PSO would be even cooler (and more chaotic) with 16 players. Otherwise, another choice of mine would be The Next Tetris: Online Edition in a similar fashion to Tetris 99.

  7. Sumbigboi

    Dont even own a dreamcast, but wouldnt mind getting one just for this!

  8. Ragfish

    16 player chu chu rocket would probably not work all that great, but it would be really funny to see the chaos!

  9. Stevey Majors

    I’d love to see Propeller Arena get 16-player support, but I’d be happy if it got online support at all!

  10. W0RMH01E

    Honestly why not all of them? If all online dreamcast games supported 16+ players in one server, there wouldve been call of duty on the dreamcast.

  11. Mark

    Wish PSO was 16 player! A man can always dream.

  12. Bob Dobbs

    Wow! Another Yu Suzuki masterpiece! I can drink and drive legally…drink BK coffee that is!…lol!

  13. Jessica

    Much as I wouldn’t want the frame rate to get much more unstable, IMO 4×4 Evo would benefit from the additional chaos of a 16-player match

  14. VK

    For 16 player multiplayer… i’d have to say Chu Chu Rocket. Looks like a great game!

  15. Lumanare

    I’m lookin to add to my DC collection!

    As for which other online game you wish supported 16 players… I’d have to say somethin like Monaco GP or any racing game on DC. Imagine having a GP race with 16 real people at one time, each competing for the Winner’s Circle!

  16. Nice, it looks in mint condition too! The one Dreamcast game that’s currently not online that I’m looking forward to being, is Outtrigger!

  17. Dale

    I’ve never played this one, but it looks very cool!

  18. Francisco

    Almost all Dc racers are awesome, nice choice!

    • Logic_Mage

      This wouldn’t make any sense at all compared to other games getting 16-player support, but imagining more than a dozen Sonics racing along Windy Valley is hilarious to me.

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