Game Night Highlights: Mobile Suit Gundam: E.F.F. vs. Zeon 12/16/2020

Video of the Mobile Suit Gundam: E.F.F. vs. Zeon Game Night on December 16th, 2020.


  1. Starbash

    I saw you guys online playing. I juat got online so i had to play pso. I bet it was fun.

  2. Chris (HondaDreamcast)

    That was so much fun! It took me awhile to learn the controls but once I figured it out I think I did well. It ran really smooth and with your guide was very easy to set up and play!

  3. Damn I love this game already and never played it haha! I need it so bad.

    This definitely is one of the best looking games out the JP releases I seen on the DC


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