Server Software

Here you’ll find the server software for various Dreamcast games. All source code is provided with an open source license and can be used, copied, modified, or distributed freely. Please see the included ‘LICENSE’ or ‘README’ file for more details. For technical information about these servers, please see the Dreamcast Development Wiki.

4×4 Evolution Game ServerMichael4×4 Evolution game server.Source | Binary (RPi)
ChuChu Rocket! Game ServerShuoumaChuChu Rocket! game server.Source
Dreamarena ServerShuoumaDreamarena server for Toy Racer and the PAL version of Quake III Arena.Source
Dreamcast IRC ModuleShuoumaUnrealIRCD module for Starlancer, PBA Tour Bowling 2001, Next Tetris, and Worms World Party.Source
GameSpy SuiteShuoumaServer software for Starlancer, PBA Tour Bowling 2001, and Next Tetris.Source
Maximum Pool Game ServerSierra Ent.Maximum Pool game server.Binary (Windows)
Maximum Pool Master ServerShuoumaMaximum Pool master server.Source
Planet Ring Game ServerShuoumaPlanet Ring game server.Source
Toy Racer Game ServerFrantz CournilToy Racer game server.Binary (Linux) | Binary (Windows)