Evil Twin DLC

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These are unreleased VMU mini games that were originally supposed to be included on the disc but were scrapped. They were released online by the developer in 2002.

Fat Rain (VMU Mini Game)
A space ship shooter.
Download (34 blocks): VMI | VMS

Glucky Laby (VMU Mini Game)
Control Swampy the frog and hop on all the lily pads.
Download (34 Blocks): VMI | VMS

Paper Attack (VMU Mini Game)
Throw balls at “Big Joce” and catch the food he vomits out.
Download (75 Blocks): VMI | VMS

Swampy (VMU Mini Game)
A labyrinth game. This one is unfinished so you won’t be able to get past level 5 or 6.
Download (34 blocks): VMI | VMS