Poll: Your Favorite Online Dreamcast Game (2017 Edition)

It’s poll time again! In April of last year I asked you what your favorite online Dreamcast game was, but since then we’ve had five new games brought back online and the number of online players has increased substantially. Bringing these factors into consideration, I’m sure the results today would be much different. So let’s find out! Tell us what your favorite online Dreamcast game is! The poll will stay open for two weeks.


    • It was a tie between 4×4 Evo and Toy Racer but there were only 21 votes and I excluded PSO and Quake III Arena (I really just wanted to see what was the most popular game was other than the two juggernauts).

  1. From my part, playing everyday at any game, and easy to found people. Nice idea to get a dreampi 🙂 Last weekend was hard to find a moment with nobody online, from friday to monday morning always some player is online. Now too. Awesome moment to jump to the online with DreamPi.

  2. I’ve owned a Dreamcast for a long time. I’ve wanted to play Phantasy Star Online and Alien Front Online. I used to play Phantasy Star on 360 but they canceled that too. What you guys are doing is great. I’ve been following for a few months now and I’ve been contemplating getting a Dream Pi along with a DC keyboard. I really want to know if it’s worth it and if the online communities are active. Feel free to email me with info. I want a DC online game I can play constantly without having trouble finding other players for it to be worth the purchase for me. Thank you.

    • The amount of players is increasing literally every day. Currently we have easily over 200 just using DreamPi alone. You’d be hard pressed not to be able to find players on most nights and weekends playing most games.

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