Modding Service

Dreamcast BIOS Modding Service

Here you’ll find the BIOS modding and refurbishing services offered by Dreamcast Live. This service is only available to customers within the US. To order, please email

Region-Free BIOS Chip Installation

Price: $49.99 (Includes return shipping)
Replace the stock BIOS chip with a region-free one. This will allow you to play games from any region without the need for a boot disc and adds some nice additional features. The chip comes flashed with a custom BIOS by japanese-cake (v1.031) which includes all the features listed below.

  • Skip the ‘Licensed by SEGA’ screen for a slightly faster boot time
  • Boot backups from the Dreamcast menu without the Dreamcast restarting
  • Copy or move copy-protected VMU saves
  • Boot non-VGA compatible games without a boot disc
  • Optional: Dreamcast dev kit boot animation

Additional Services

All the services below can be performed in addition to the BIOS chip replacement. They are not available as stand-alone services.

Controller Port Repair

Price: $4.99
Fix non-working Dreamcast controller ports by installing a new fuse. The new fuse will automatically reset if blown. Simply power off the Dreamcast and turn it back on.

Case Whitening

Price: $29.99
Is your Dreamcast case yellowed? Get it back to its original color!

Internal Battery Replacement

Price: $10.99
Replace the Dreamcast’s internal battery and say goodbye to that annoying ‘set date and time’ prompt.